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Thread: Forced to configure this... :'(

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    Forced to configure this... :'(


    I'm posting again with a small question: How to get the old cgi working ?
    I know it's a not-so-good thing to do but people are annoying me about their damned firefox plugins (like nagioschecker for example) and won't give it up ...

    So here I am , trying to reenable the dorky old cgi for a useless plugin. And after a lot of rtfm and google, I cannot get it running.
    I have a few questions :
    • [li] I have no need to run the nagios3 binary, have I ?[/li]
      [li] May I leave the cgi files in their old nagios3 folder assuming the config reflects that ?[/li]
      [li] Providing the things I've done below, did I miss something ?[/li]

    Bref, je sèche ! ( I'm stuck ) The old cgi continues to display me : "Error: Could not read object configuration data!"

    I have configured shinken-specific.cfg :
    define module{
      module_name   Status-Dat
      module_type   status_dat
      status_file status.dat # default dir is /var/lib/shinken/
      object_cache_file objects.cache
      status_update_interval  15 
    ...added the module in the broker conf too :
    modules Livestatus,Status-Dat,Simple-Log,WebUI,RedisRetention
    ...modified the /etc/nagios3/cgi.cfg :
    nagios_check_command=/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nagios /var/lib/shinken/status.dat 5 '/usr/sbin/nagios3' # I guess this one is useless...
    ...modified the /etc/shinken/nagios.cfg :
    ...added to /etc/default/shinken :
    NAGIOS_CGI_CONFIG="/etc/shinken/cgi.cfg" #got this from an open bug report for OMD, not sure if it's useful
    All files in /etc/shinken are property of shinken:shinken.
    object.cache is shinken:www-data with read right set for the group. status.dat is shinken:shinken.
    Nagios3 is the "in-distro" version (Debian Squeeze). Shinken is 0.8.5 build #440.

    Once again, thanks for your attention.

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    Re: Forced to configure this... :'(

    Maybe a better way would be to modify the plugin for firefox? Thruk also serves datail like old cgi. The thing that differs is that the page layout is different so that's why the plugin doesn't work.
    Do you need the old cgi for anything else than the nagioschecker?

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    Re: Forced to configure this... :'(

    No I don't, it's only for these (nagioschecker, nagstamon ...etc)... I knew it was because they are simple webpage parsers, the problem with thruk (and nagioschecker) is that the layout changes very often across updates. So readapting the parser on each update does not seem very productive.

    The efficient way is to implement a real livestatus plugin but it seems nobody is doing it for the moment... so old cgi was a good way to gain some time.

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    Re: Forced to configure this... :'(

    seems that nagstatmon can work with livestatus throught the webservice provided by check_mk

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    Re: Forced to configure this... :'(

    Found these bindings : . As soon as I have time (and if the lib is not too difficult for me) I'll try to make some shinkenchecker plugin.

    Nagstamon is good (and I'm using it) but people want the firefox extension easy "portability".

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