I'm posting again with a small question: How to get the old cgi working ?
I know it's a not-so-good thing to do but people are annoying me about their damned firefox plugins (like nagioschecker for example) and won't give it up ...

So here I am , trying to reenable the dorky old cgi for a useless plugin. And after a lot of rtfm and google, I cannot get it running.
I have a few questions :
  • [li] I have no need to run the nagios3 binary, have I ?[/li]
    [li] May I leave the cgi files in their old nagios3 folder assuming the config reflects that ?[/li]
    [li] Providing the things I've done below, did I miss something ?[/li]

Bref, je sèche ! ( I'm stuck ) The old cgi continues to display me : "Error: Could not read object configuration data!"

I have configured shinken-specific.cfg :
define module{
  module_name   Status-Dat
  module_type   status_dat
  status_file status.dat # default dir is /var/lib/shinken/
  object_cache_file objects.cache
  status_update_interval  15 
...added the module in the broker conf too :
modules Livestatus,Status-Dat,Simple-Log,WebUI,RedisRetention
...modified the /etc/nagios3/cgi.cfg :
nagios_check_command=/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nagios /var/lib/shinken/status.dat 5 '/usr/sbin/nagios3' # I guess this one is useless...
...modified the /etc/shinken/nagios.cfg :
...added to /etc/default/shinken :
NAGIOS_CGI_CONFIG="/etc/shinken/cgi.cfg" #got this from an open bug report for OMD, not sure if it's useful
All files in /etc/shinken are property of shinken:shinken.
object.cache is shinken:www-data with read right set for the group. status.dat is shinken:shinken.
Nagios3 is the "in-distro" version (Debian Squeeze). Shinken is 0.8.5 build #440.

Once again, thanks for your attention.