host definition is as below

define host {
use mytemplate
module_type 8
_key 1nf@t1c$$t0r
_usr Domain\user
hostgroups +hostgroups1,hostgroups2
The above host definition _key (password) & _usr (username) used as HOST MACROS, for the field _key, actual value is 1nf@t1c$t0r (singled $ symbol), as its been a Macro I've provided $$

the command definition as below

define command {
command_name check_wmi_status
module_type cryptresource

Service Definition is as below,

define service {
use master-service
hostgroup_name windows-servers
service_description OS__Microsoft__Windows__WMI__Status
servicegroups master-wmi-services
check_command check_wmi_status

The service check is failing when $ is part of password, I could not understand the reason why, From the documentation I could see that in case of $, with any of the Macros values then $$ can be provided, but its not working here.

How can I provide $ when ever its part of any value field in Shinken?