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Thread: Windows client monitoring

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    Windows client monitoring

    Hello there !

    I'm a glad user of shinken and I've been asked to monitore Windows 10 pro client.

    I'm getting the following error while trying to monitore my own computer as a test :

    "Plugin timed out (15 sec). There are multiple possible reasons for this, some of them include - The host X.X.X.X might just be really busy, it might be not running Windows."

    Here are the two host.conf I'm using :

    windows-client.cfg :

    use windows
    contact-groups admins
    host-name myhostname
    alias windows 10
    hostgroups Windows
    address X.X.X.X

    windows-server.cgf :

    use windows
    contact-groups admins
    host-name windows-server
    alias AD Server
    hostgroups Windows
    address X.X.X.X

    I'm using the default AD.cfg with the following values :

    # Active Directory and LDAP

    Myuser is a domain admin, it can obviously log in to my windows 10 client.

    Check WMI Services on my windows client, currently working. I've set up the security settings on WMI Manager with a domain admin account -to test it first, I won't use it afterward- so this shouldn't be a trouble.

    I haven't test it without Windows firewall, that will be my next check.

    Any idea ?

    edit 1 : I turned off Windows Firewall, worked fine. Firewall issue in my case. Now I've got find the correct rule

    edit 2 : I have set up the following rule to authorize WMI check :

    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule dir=in name ="WMI" program=%systemroot%\system32\svchost.exe service=winmgmt action = allow protocol=TCP localport=any

    Solve my problem, my windows client is now correctly monitored

    Hope it will help some of you in the future
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