OK, total noob here, but some feedback on the docs I guess and maybe a request for a pointer:

1) Looks like Shinken is written in Python2. Fine, but as a product nearing its end of life (2020) I'm confident a Python3 transition is planned? But even if not, it's certainly time on the 10 minute install guide stopped reading "Python 2.6 or higher" as I wasted time on account of fact that pip is python3 by default now and I had to use pip2. Not crisis, but worth keeping clear for noobs who think python=python3 (guilty as charged here ;-).

2) Use Shinken with ... states that "If you install Shinken using the 10 minutes installation recommended method, you will have the Shinken WebUI installed.", great. But I did that and it's not. Well if it is I can't see it and there is not tip there on how to use it. So I go to Use Shinken with WebUI and alas I'm non the wiser. It doesn't tell me much that I can digest quickly, but does give me a tip that "Enable the webui module in ‘’modules/webui.cfg’’ configuration file" yet there is not webui.cfg file to found anywhere on my system after teh 10minute install (method 1 using pip). Still there's a clue that it serves on port 7767 so a quick check:

$ sudo netstat -tulpe | grep shinken
tcp        0      0 localhost:46068         *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13734645    21116/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 localhost:42549         *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13734735    21296/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 *:7768                  *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13742757    20851/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 *:7769                  *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13739812    21115/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 *:7771                  *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13745166    21003/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 *:7772                  *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13739845    21212/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 *:7773                  *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13739908    21295/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 localhost:40222         *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13742987    21213/python2.7 
tcp        0      0 localhost:41900         *:*                     LISTEN      shinken    13743434    20853/python2.7
reveals nothing's listening on 7767 yet shinken is listening elsewhere. Yet:

So it's not secretly there listening on another port so a fair assumption is it's not installed.

Anyhow I guess I'm stuck and wondering why the I don't have a webui.cfg to work with when reading how to use the WebUI.

That's today's noob conundrum for anyone happy to point one in the right direction and/or consider fixing the docs (which I'm happy to do if I learn enough to qualify for that task).