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Thread: serviceescalation not working

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    serviceescalation not working

    I'm of the understanding that shinken supports service/hostescalation, in addition to its own "escalation", by name, referenced directly by a host/service or its template.

    I want to add an escalation by servicegroup, using serviceescalation, but it's not working.
    define escalation {
    servicegroup_name chris
    contacts +chris-xmpp
    first_notification 1
    last_notification 0
    notification_interval 0

    I see the services I expect a members of servicegroup:chris, yet the contact is never notified.

    I see someone reported a similar problem ~5 years ago; was there any resolution or is there any outstanding problem ?

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    Did you found a solution for this case?

    I have a similar config like the example in the docs:

    define serviceescalation{
    other escalation directives ...

    but it doesent work. back on nagios this worked well.

    Any ideas?

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