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Thread: Notifications sent to contacts that should not - SOS Prod

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    Notifications sent to contacts that should not - SOS Prod

    hello every body,

    all of my contacts are reciving alerts
    i hava few different groups.

    this is my host

    define host{
    host_name xxxxxxxxx
    address xxxxxxxxx
    use aggr,hardstate,business_impact_2,ctc_net_fr
    contact_groups ctc_in

    where aggr bring the variables in the command, hardstate frequency of check, bisiness impact of host=2, ctc_net_fr, network admins in france (they have min_business_impact 2, and they are default contact for all network equipement)
    than i add un optional contact group by country, in this case ctc_in for India, they have min_business_impact =1 (as all contacts out of france)

    Why this host sent to all contacts with min_business_impact 1 ?

    after me only ctc_net_fr and ctc_in shoud be notified, the others are not event in his contacts

    getting crazy, checked all of my templates

    i take any idea, thanks
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