Hi everyone,

We're having a strange issue on our current production Shinken servers. When restarting the arbiter to take into account a configuration modification, some services might not show up on Thruk. If I restart the arbiter a second time, all is well.

I manages to double check that:
In the arbiterd.log, I always get the right number of services ("[1435131526] INFO: [Shinken] Checked 1238 services")
If I dump the shinken configuration as a json file to parse it myself, I do get the right service count each time.

It seems only Thruk/Livestatus has issues

Version information:
Shinken 2.4
Thruk 1.88-4
Latest livestatus module

Some context:
We have 4 realms, for 4 sites: new-york, frankfort, amazon and paris. each site has a reactionner, a receiver, a poller and a scheduler. Paris also has a broker and the arbiter.
This behavior is only observed on new-york frankfort and amazon. Never on paris.

Is this a known issue ? What information can I provide to help ?
Note: I'm not afraid of getting my hands in the code a bit.

Marc-Olivier Barre