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Thread: webui page can't be displayed

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    webui page can't be displayed

    I started working with Shinken back in the fall and i am very excited to get back into it. I'm currently building a shinken active/passive cluster and got the passive up and running just fine. In building out the more robust active server I have run into a rather horrible wall and I am very very confused. I installed shinken as I have previously and added webui. Edited webui.cfg changed the auth secret and then went into broker-master.cfg with the module for webui.
    Restarted shinken and in brokerd.log I see
    etc/shinken/modules$ sudo tail /var/log/shinken/brokerd.log
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Using the local log file '/var/log/shinken/brokerd.log'
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Printing stored debug messages prior to our daemonization
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Successfully changed to workdir: /var/run/shinken
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Opening pid file: /var/run/shinken/
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Redirecting stdout and stderr as necessary..
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] We are now fully daemonized pid=4740
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Starting HTTP daemon
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Modules directory: /var/lib/shinken/modules
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Modules directory: /var/lib/shinken/modules
    [1434418657] INFO: [Shinken] Waiting for initial configuration

    netstat --listen shows nothing listening on port 7767.

    I am at this point very, very confused. I have no clue why this is not working

    module definition:
    module_name webui
    module_type webui
    host ; All interfaces =
    port 7767
    auth_secret thisismysupersecretchangedthispasswordyouwillnever guess ; CHANGE THIS or someone could forge cookies
    allow_html_output 1 ; Allow or not HTML chars in plugins output.
    ; WARNING: Allowing can be a security issue.
    max_output_length 1024 ; Maximum output length for plugin output in webui
    manage_acl 1 ; Use contacts ACL. 0 allow actions for all.
    play_sound 0 ; Play sound on new non-acknowledged problems.
    login_text Welcome on Shinken WebUI ; Text in the login form.

    broker_name broker-master
    address monitor2
    port 7772
    spare 0

    ## Optional
    manage_arbiters 1 ; Take data from Arbiter. There should be only one
    ; broker for the arbiter.
    manage_sub_realms 1 ; Does it take jobs from schedulers of sub-Realms?
    timeout 3 ; Ping timeout
    data_timeout 120 ; Data send timeout
    max_check_attempts 3 ; If ping fails N or more, then the node is dead
    check_interval 60 ; Ping node every N seconds
    modules webui

    I've tried this with both version 2.2 and 2.4. I am a complete loss and I've even tried copying the config from the working server to the new dice.
    Any help would be appreciated as the log is apparently just toying with me.

    Thank You.

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