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Thread: SnmpBooster snmp v3

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    SnmpBooster snmp v3

    First of all, thanks to the authors for this great module.
    I wonder if SnmpBooster is planned to support snmp V3 someday.
    Thanks for your answer.

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    Snmpbooster is meant for high performance polling of hosts in v1 or v2. Your snmp hosts should implement filtering based on source IPs and should also limit all SNMP v1 or v2 access to read-only SNMP OID branches. snmp v3 is evil and bad, it has bad performance and illusory security.
    I hope you are using snmpbooster to its full capabilities, it really is a charm to work with. The latest versions are much improved in terms of logging to help with any issues with the configuraion file formatting or configuration mistakes. :-)

    Not to mention continued improvements with genDevConfig. Particularly with Alcatel devices and other odds and ends. This year should also bring revamped support of Cisco devices, Spectracom NTP servers

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