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Thread: Livestatus won't start

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    Livestatus won't start

    On a fresh linux oracle enterprise VM, I follow all the steps to install shinken (2.2) , everything works well, webui too.

    Until I try to activate the livestatus module , I get in the broker.log,

    [1427983784] INFO: [broker-master] Trying to init module: livestatus
    [1427983785] INFO: [broker-master] Trying to init module: livestatus
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] [Livestatus Broker] Init of the Livestatus 'livestatus'
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] I'm stopping module u'livestatus' (pid=30438)
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] Starting external process for instance livestatus
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] livestatus is now started ; pid=30600
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] [livestatus[30600]]: Now running..
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] Modules directory: /var/lib/shinken/modules
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] I correctly loaded the modules: []
    [1427983786] INFO: [broker-master] [Logstore SQLite] Get an LogStore Sqlite module for plugin LogStore
    [1427983787] INFO: [broker-master] Trying to init module: LogStore
    [1427983787] INFO: [broker-master] [Livestatus Broker] Go run
    [1427983787] INFO: [broker-master] [Livestatus Broker] Livestatus query thread started
    [1427983788] ERROR: [broker-master] the module livestatus just crash! Please look at the traceback:
    [1427983788] ERROR: [broker-master] Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/var/lib/shinken/modules/livestatus/", line 243, in main
    File "/var/lib/shinken/modules/livestatus/", line 307, in do_main
    File "/var/lib/shinken/modules/livestatus/", line 516, in manage_lql_thread
    File "/var/lib/shinken/modules/livestatus/", line 440, in create_listeners
    server.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEPORT, 1)
    File "<string>", line 1, in setsockopt
    error: [Errno 92] Protocol not available

    [1427983790] ERROR: [broker-master] The external module livestatus goes down unexpectedly!
    [1427983790] INFO: [broker-master] Setting the module livestatus to restart

    My /module/livestatus.cfg contain
    ## Module: livestatus
    ## Loaded by: Broker
    # The LIVESTATUS API makes internal Shinken data available via the network
    # using an SQL-like syntax. The API supports various access methods,
    # authentication and sophisticated performance options. The premier interface
    # to Shinken internal host and service states, historical data, performance
    # data, configuration data, comments, maintenance periods, etc.
    define module {
    module_name livestatus
    module_type livestatus
    host * ; * = listen on all configured IP addresses
    port 50000 ; port to listen
    #socket /usr/local/shinken/var/rw/live ; If a Unix socket is required
    ## Available modules:
    # - logstore-sqlite: send historical logs to a local sqlite database
    # - logstore-mongodb: send historical logs to a mongodb database
    # - logstore-null : send historical logs to a black hole
    modules logstore-sqlitedb
    debug /tmp/ls.debug ; Enable only for debugging this module
    #debug_queries 0 ; Set to 1 to dump queries/replies too (very verbose)

    My /module/logstore-sqlite.cfg contain
    ## Module: logstore-sqlite
    ## Loaded by: Livestatus
    # Put the Livestatus logs in an sqlite database, and so LS can query them.
    define module {
    module_name logstore-sqlite
    module_type logstore_sqlite
    # Shinken 1.4 configuration
    # database_file /usr/local/shinken/var/livelogs.db
    # Shinken 2.0 configuration
    database_file /var/log/shinken/livelogs.db
    # Prefer SQL queries if available instead of internal in-memory lookups
    # Some corner cases may return invalid or no data. Defaults to 0 if unset.
    #use_aggressive_sql 1 ; Set to 1 for large installations
    # Only use this module to read log. Useful if you load balance
    # your livestatus activity over severals livestatus broker module.
    # Defaults to 0 if unset
    #read_only 1 ; Read only logstore
    max_logs_age 3m ; d = days, w = weeks, m = months, y = years

    And finaly the broker.cfg
    #================================================= ==============================
    # BROKER (S1_Broker)
    #================================================= ==============================
    # Description: The broker is responsible for:
    # - Exporting centralized logs of all Shinken daemon processes
    # - Exporting status data
    # - Exporting performance data
    # - Exposing Shinken APIs:
    # - Status data
    # - Performance data
    # - Configuration data
    # - Command interface
    #================================================= ==============================
    define broker {
    broker_name broker-master
    address localhost
    port 7772
    spare 0

    ## Optional
    manage_arbiters 1 ; Take data from Arbiter. There should be only one
    ; broker for the arbiter.
    manage_sub_realms 1 ; Does it take jobs from schedulers of sub-Realms?
    timeout 3 ; Ping timeout
    data_timeout 120 ; Data send timeout
    max_check_attempts 3 ; If ping fails N or more, then the node is dead
    check_interval 60 ; Ping node every N seconds

    ## Modules
    # Default: None
    # Interesting modules that can be used:
    # - simple-log = just all logs into one file
    # - livestatus = livestatus listener
    # - tondodb-mysql = NDO DB support
    # - npcdmod = Use the PNP addon
    # - graphite = Use a Graphite time series DB for perfdata
    # - webui = Shinken Web interface
    # - glpidb = Save data in GLPI MySQL database
    modules webui,livestatus

    # Enable https or not
    use_ssl 0
    # enable certificate/hostname check, will avoid man in the middle attacks
    hard_ssl_name_check 0

    ## Advanced
    realm All

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    Livestatus wont start

    My GFs archos wont start up...i know she just started using it again and loaded a bunch of stuff on it.

    I left it for about 10 minutes and it actually booted into the main menu...I noticed it didnt have much battery so I plugged it in via USB and tried to restart it again...but it wont restart.

    Any ideas?

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