I'm new on this forum, and i search a solution for my problem. Here is the situation :

  • I've installed Shinken (1.4-2) and Graphite (carbon & web 0.9.12) on a Ubuntu Server (14.04). All is working good, discovery works and I see my graph on both.

  • Let's say that the name server is "dev03", my url for shinken is "http://dev03:7767". Graphite root is "http://dev03".

But when I'm on a host Graphs webpage, if I click on the button "Show more", he redirects me always on "http://dev03" and never to something like "http://dev03/host/shinken/__host__" (I'm not sure for the expected url ) or to the choose host graphics.

Is there somewhere I can configure that ? Or that's a known issue (I've search on web, but I found nothing about that) ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

I can give more details if you want.