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Thread: how to to configure an aggregation from a variable

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    how to to configure an aggregation from a variable

    I would like to configure a service template using a variable to build automatic aggregation and check

    Here is my template :

    define service{
            name                            Website_Availability
            use                               generic-service,5min_short
            aggregation                   Website
            register                         0
            service_dependencies     ,Apache avaibility
            check_command            check_website_availability
    And in my definition :

    define service{
           host_name               	server 1
           use			        Website_Availability,5min_short
           service_description Availability
           aggregation                Website/
           business_impact         	5
           check_command         check_website_availability
    I would like to remove the line aggregation and check_command from my definition just by adding something like
            aggregation                   Website/$_URL$
    in my template definition

    I don't feel like the aggregation is inherit

    Is it possible? How?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is this forum still alive?

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