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Thread: lost linux host template ?

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    Question lost linux host template ?


    I'm installing Shinken on a raspberry/raspbian. As wheezy is lagging, I did my install with pip (2.2 vs 0.6.3). I checked documentation but I'm at the point to extend monitored services of localhost.
    As stated in docs:
    I switch from generic-host to linux
    but I the end, I so nowhere (in /etc/shinken) the definition of this template, included checks, how to handle _fs and the like...

    I did install linux-snmp through cli (shinken install linux-snmp) but it seems to be commands only, no templates.
    When I tried to search online, I didn't found templates either and even not in github source (

    Where can I find this template or a model?
    is there no standard repository for devices template (win, linux, mac, printers, ...) ?
    I can take my old nagios config but would prefer start with recommended/standard way.

    This thread is talking about the same thing but shinken cli package didn't give me any host templates


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    If you need some cool service or device templates. have a look at

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    As the shinken user, you can add packs that will help you out. To monitor a linux host I do it through ssh.
    for exemple for locathost.cfg:
    su - shinken
    ssh-copy-id localhost
    # if you never user the shinken commande before, you need to initialize it
    shinken --init
    shinken install linux-ssh

    You can modify localhost.cfg to look like this:
    define host{
    use linux-ssh,generic-host
    contact_groups admins
    host_name localhost
    address localhost

    If all goes well, you should now have a few services checked.

    to see more packs, you can use
    shinken search all

    and see if anything matches what you want to do.

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    It seems there was delay between my update of the config and webui, maybe because of the long time shinken needs to restart.
    It works, just a few things to fix like logFiles check (which file to check, permission issue)

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