I'm installing Shinken on a raspberry/raspbian. As wheezy is lagging, I did my install with pip (2.2 vs 0.6.3). I checked documentation but I'm at the point to extend monitored services of localhost.
As stated in docs:
I switch from generic-host to linux
but I the end, I so nowhere (in /etc/shinken) the definition of this template, included checks, how to handle _fs and the like...

I did install linux-snmp through cli (shinken install linux-snmp) but it seems to be commands only, no templates.
When I tried to search online, I didn't found templates either and even not in github source (https://github.com/naparuba/shinken/.../etc/templates)

Where can I find this template or a model?
is there no standard repository for devices template (win, linux, mac, printers, ...) ?
I can take my old nagios config but would prefer start with recommended/standard way.

This thread is talking about the same thing but shinken cli package didn't give me any host templates