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Thread: No graph with check_memory_by_ssh

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    No graph with check_memory_by_ssh

    I don't have a graph with the "check_memory_by_ssh" pluggin, but as far as i see the output seems good.
    pnp can not find "/usr/local/pnp4nagios/var/perfdata/bo-prod/Memory.xml"

    Here is the output of the plugin :
    Warning : memory consumption is very high 75% | cached=12%;;;0%;100% buffered=5%;;;0%;100% consumed=75%;75%;90%;0%;100% used=93%;;;0%;100% free=6%;;;0%;100%

    and the output of the command inside the plugin :
    LC_ALL=C free -k
    total used free shared buffers cached
    Mem: 12195528 11758676 436852 0 689888 1507840
    -/+ buffers/cache: 9560948 2634580
    Swap: 29296636 1049776 28246860

    Do you see anything wrong?
    Thanks in advance

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    No one can give me a way to find what's wrong?

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    A bit late, but anyway: the performance data is invalid. As described at several places ( the "unit of measurement (UOM)" might be a suffix of the current value but not the other values.

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    No graph with check_memory_by_ssh

    I have half a dozen or so products in and it isnt working still.... The store is aussiepapercraft - is there a chance you could have a look and tell me what I may be doing wrong? Thanks.

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