I may have missed something about remote realms and how to get notification from them.
I have one central server with arbiter, reactionner, broker, scheduler and poller and some remote satellites with scheduler+poller+broker in sub realms.

The default realm is All, and it has several sub realms, one for each remote satellite.

Everything works fine, the arbiter sends all configuration to the remote satellites on each realm, check_mk web interface has all the realms displayed on the local server, and each satellite server has its own check_mk connected to its local broker.

Now about notifications:

Do I need to add enable_notifications=1 in nagios.cfg on each remote server ?

For now I receive notification from the local "All" realm only, the reactionner is configured with "manage_sub_realms 1"
In the reactionner-debug.log file on my local server I have the following line:
We have our schedulers: {0: {'wait_homerun': {}, 'name': u'scheduler-central', 'uri': u'PYROLOC://localhost:7768/Checks', 'actions': {}, 'instance_id': 0, 'running_id': '1423826335.0', 'address': u'localhost', 'active': True, 'push_flavor': 330411, 'port': 7768, 'con': <DynamicProxy for PYRO://>}}

I would have expected to have all my schedulers mentionned here ? Is that correct ?
I don't really understand how notifications ar sent back from the remote scheduler to the local reactionner, can someone explain this to me so I can know where to look to resolve this ?

Thank you.