We recently created a script to add downtime for an individual host in the webui. That's another topic. However, we use this to mark individual hosts down while we do things like patching. Is there a way to disable all notifications via the web ui or via one of the shinken daemons directly? When we do things like network maintenance where hosts may be seen as down everywhere, we don't want notifications. We also don't want to add downtime for all hosts, that seems excessive.

We, currently disable notifications via shinken.cfg using 'enable_notifications=0', then we have to restart shinken. This is too cumbersome, because we manage configs in puppet which will overwrite local edits, we have non-puppet administrators who want to enact maintenance windows, etc. Many reasons...

However, Is there a way we can talk directly to one of the shinken processes at runtime to disable/enable notifications? I'm specifically interested in writing some sort of handler to add a scheduled maintenance window to suppress notifications. Also, if you point me in the right direction, I can add it to webui or some other module.