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Thread: business_rule_smart_notifications not working?

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    business_rule_smart_notifications not working?

    Environment: Shinken 2.2 on CentOS 6.

    I'm setting up business rule services to make sure we have enough of our pool servers up at any given time. The check works as expected initially:

    define service {
        use                  bprule-ecv
        service_description  Pool: ECV
        check_command        bp_rule!-6 of: *,g:app-service-ecv-7001
        business_rule_smart_notifications 1
        business_rule_downtime_as_ack     1   
        business_rule_output_template     Down ECV services: $( $HOSTNAME$, )$

    There are currently 12 (of 24) servers where this check has failed, so Shinken properly sets the check to 'CRITICAL'
    However, after I acknowledge all of the down services, this business rule check does not recover -- it still shows 'CRITICAL'.

    I've tried swapping it from "-6 of:" to "18 of:" with no change.

    Isn't the business_rule_smart_notifications supposed to not count services that are down if they've been acknowledged?

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