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Thread: problems

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    4 problems

    First of all, fails with a division by zero if no swap memory is present in the server. I've opened an issue in github with a simple solution solving this corner case:

    But then, when it is working, it does not display graphs in pnp4nagios (other checks -like cpu_stats, disk, https- does show well, so pnp configuration should be ok).

    Performance data is retrieved, however:
    Ok : memory consumption is 58% | cached=35%;;;0%;100% buffered=3%;;;0%;100% consumed=58%;75%;90%;0%;100% used=97%;;;0%;100% free=2%;;;0%;100% swap_used=0%;;;0%;100% swap_free=99%;;;0%;100% buffered_abs=319320KB;;;0KB;8086808KB used_abs=7907876KB;;;0KB;8086808KB cached_abs=2895508KB;;;0KB;8086808KB consumed_abs=4693048KB;;;0KB;8086808KB free_abs=178932KB;;;0KB;8086808KB total_abs=8086808KB;;;0KB;8086808KB swap_total=9765884KB;;;0KB;9765884KB swap_used=5108KB;;;0KB;9765884KB swap_free=9760776KB;;;0KB;9765884KB

    What could be wrong?

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    Re: problems

    No error entries in the npcd daemon logs? Because the perfdata output seems valid.
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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