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Thread: No access to Check_mk

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    No access to Check_mk

    No error in log with debug mode
    just in shinken_checkconfig_result

    file livestatus socket don't create.

    {'configuration_errors': [], 'use': '', 'hash': '', 'socket': u'/var/lib/shinken/livestatus', 'definition_order': '100', 'tags': set([]), 'modules': [<shinken.objects.module.Module object at 0x151c850>], 'customs': {}, 'configuration_warnings': [], 'module_name': u'livestatus', 'plus': {}, 'module_type': u'livestatus', 'id': 6, 'imported_from': u'/etc/shinken/modules/livestatus.cfg:8', 'name': ''}

    Thanks for help

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    Re: No access to Check_mk

    Note to readers: this was fixed, there was no active schedulers in the broker realm or the sub realms, and 0 schedulers = 0 brokers
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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