I was trying to configure PNP with shinken when after restarting shinken services the poller did not start because of...I don't know.

Here is the content of my /tmp/bad_start_for_poller
[1413228603] Info :  Shinken 2.0.3
[1413228603] Info :  Copyright (c) 2009-2014:
[1413228603] Info :  Gabes Jean (naparuba@gmail.com)
[1413228603] Info :  Gerhard Lausser, Gerhard.Lausser@consol.de
[1413228603] Info :  Gregory Starck, g.starck@gmail.com
[1413228603] Info :  Hartmut Goebel, h.goebel@goebel-consult.de
[1413228603] Info :  License: AGPL
[1413228603] Info :  Trying to initialize additional groups for the daemon
valid pidfile exists (pid=3404) and not forced to replace. Exiting.
Thanks for your help in advance !