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Thread: Config Tool Reload Shinken

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    Config Tool Reload Shinken

    Good morning everybody,

    I have a problem with config tool for reload shinken.

    When i try to reload shinken i have this error :

    Reloading arbiter
    Doing config check
    [ OK ]
    /etc/init.d/shinken: line 324: kill: (328) - Operation not permitted
    FAILED: [1412926602] Error : cannot change user/group to shinken/shinken (Operation not permitted [1]). Exiting (full output is in /tmp/bad_start_for_arbiter)[FAILED]


    I think this is apache user that try to reload shinken and that it is not permitted to make it.

    I try to add apache user in the sudoers file but it's not work

    root ALL=(ALL) ALL
    apache ALL=(ALL) ALL

    Do you have an idea to resolve this problem ?

    I use shinken 2.0.3 with Centos 6.5


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    Re: Config Tool Reload Shinken

    Are you sure the thruk command is asking for a sudo call?
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    Re: Config Tool Reload Shinken

    Thanks for your help.

    Can you give me more information because i not understand.

    In the thruk_local.conf :

    core_conf = /etc/shinken/shinken.cfg
    obj_check = service shinken check
    obj_reload = service shinken reload

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