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Thread: [RESOLVED]Size problem with MongoDB retention base

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    [RESOLVED]Size problem with MongoDB retention base

    I have a distributed installation with 2 shinken schedulers, one active and one spare. If the primary scheduler fail, I want the second take the job without loosing all retention datas, so I have configured a mongodb retention database.
    My problem is that the size of this rentention base is growing day after day and is now very huge, more than 9 GB :'(

    Is there a solution to delete old rentention datas and shrink the base ?

    My retention base config:
    ## Module:   Mongodb
    ## Loaded by:  Arbiter, WebUI
    # In Arbiter: Read objects in a mongodb database (like hosts or services).
    # In WebUI: Save/read user preferences.
    define module {
      module_name   retention-mongodb
      module_type   mongodb_retention
      #uri       mongodb://localhost/?safe=false
      uri		  mongodb://xxxxxxxxx:27017,yyyyyyy:27017
      database    retention
      replica_set	  monitor
      #username    username   ;optional
      #password    password   ;optional

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    Re: Size problem with MongoDB retention base

    I answer to myself: repairing the databases has divide my MongoDB directory by 3 ... but I must do it on each MongoDB server


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    Dunno about MongoDB 2.4, but with MongoDB you can set specific options in the MongoDB configuration file to use "small" files :

    Look for "smallfiles" ... and also "prealloc"

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