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Thread: Skonf on Shinken 2

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    Skonf on Shinken 2

    Hello everybody,

    is there a tutorial to help to install skonf on Shinken 2 ?

    I have read the H.S. Linux Magazine on SHinken but it's about the first version of Shinken so the configuration is different and unfortunately I don't know how to install skonf on the new version of Shinken :

    Is there another tool that Skonf, which do the sames functionnalities ?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Skonf on Shinken 2

    There is no more skonf in 2.0, but you can have a look at, it can work with shinken
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    Re: Skonf on Shinken 2

    You can also try GLPI Monitoring plugin, it support more Shinken specific features than Adagios but less stable.

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