I'm experiencing something strange with a Shinken 2 installation and not with a 1.2 one.

I have passive services that send Shinken (through ws_arbiter with curl or Python requests) some information every minute, and I have to know the sent values (in the output) even if the status is always 0(OK).

On my Shinken 1.2, everything is fine, I see each "Passive Service Check" in the schedulerd.log and the WebUI show me the values as Output every minute.
However on my Shinken 2 the Output change only when the status changes too and nothing appear in the logs.
If everything is ok, that the status sent with curl (return_code) is 0, I can't see the changes in the output string.

Did I missed something somewhere in the configuration or is it a behaviour modification in the version 2 of Shinken ?

Thank you