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Thread: How to install/activate livestatus for NagVis

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    How to install/activate livestatus for NagVis


    I'm sorry I don't understand how install/activate livestatus. he is not possible to find "shinken-specific.cfg" in Shinken files.

    I have look this wiki

    I have this install NagVis error

    Livestatus Socket (/etc/shinken/var/rw/live) MISSING |
    | Valid socket formats are: tcp: or unix:/path/to/live |
    | Please enter your MKLivestatus socket:

    Debian 7.5
    Shinken 2.0.3


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    Re: How to install/activate livestatus for NagVis

    Modules are now in the /etc/shinken/modules, but only adter you install them with the shinken cli command
    (cf the tutorails on The wiki is deprecated (look at the front page of the wiki), and I don't know where you find the testshinekndoc, but it's a test and not the official doc (the right one is on and on youer local install too
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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