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Thread: Send SMS after X hours

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    Send SMS after X hours


    My need is not difficult but I can't find a way to do it "properly".
    I want to send a reminder SMS after X hours to a contactgroup which has already been notified by mail before.

    It's like an escalation but an escalation in the way of how to notify.
    I think I could use a different contact for sms notification (see below) but I don't like this method (I don't want to create new contact for each escalation in the way I notifiy)

    # Template contact
    define contact{
      # This is a template so do not register as a real user
      register             0
      contact_name           template-infra
      alias                   Template for contacts
      # Host notification part
      host_notifications_enabled    1
      host_notification_period     24x7 
      host_notification_options     d,u,r
      host_notification_commands    notify-host-by-mail
      # Service notification part
      service_notifications_enabled   1
      service_notification_period    24x7
      service_notification_options   w,u,c,r
      service_notification_commands   notify-service-by-mail
      retain_status_information     1
      retain_nonstatus_information   1
    define contact{
      use       template-infra
      contact_name  infra-worker
      alias      John Doe
      pager      012345678910  ; contact phone number
      password    P@ssword
      is_admin    1
    define contact{
      use       template-infra
      contact_name  infra-worker-sms
      alias      John Doe
      pager      012345678910  ; contact phone number
      password    P@ssword
      # Overwrite command from the template
      host_notification_commands    notify-host-by-sms
      service_notification_commands   notify-service-by-sms
      is_admin    1
    define escalation{
      escalation_name     InfraEscalation
      first_notification_time 60
      last_notification_time 120
      notification_interval  30  
      contacts     infra-worker-sms
    If you have an "elegant" way of doing this, you will be my jedi master.



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    Re: Send SMS after X hours

    I don't see a clean way for this, maybe a new parameter for notification_ways like "min_number_notif" or something like this?
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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