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Thread: Which Escalation should I use

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    Which Escalation should I use


    I noticed 3 different escalations: "hostescalation", "serviceescalation", "escalation".

    My need is the same for host and service escalation, so can I use "escalation" ?

    I am asking about "escalation" because it is not present in the config doc here, so maybe it is deprecated.



    Edit: so, "escalation" are based on time whereas "serviceescalation", "hostescalation" are based on notification numbers. What are all the directives for "escalation", I spotted 4 of them : "escalation_name"," first_notification", "last_notification_time", "contact_groups", is that all ?

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    Re: Which Escalation should I use

    They are the same, just host is only for host, and service is only for sevice. But they got the same escalation properties (number based or time based).

    Use just "escalation", the host/service escalation is a deprecated way of define escalation, because it's nagios inherited.
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