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Thread: Remote scheduler and poller configuration update

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    Remote scheduler and poller configuration update

    Hi all,

    we have the following scenario.

    • [li]Central Server with all modules => reachable via public IPs[/li]
      [li]x Remote Sites (customers) multiple network elements to monitor => no public IP available hence no direct connection from arbiter to scheduler or poller possible[/li]
      [li]the customer sites may use the same internal network IP ranges[/li]

    We wanted to setup remote realms for our customer with a scheduler and poller installed having a realm configured. Those remotesites should pull their configuration changes from our central server and also push the monitoring results back to our central server using passive monitoring.

    My problem is that it seems, that there is no possibility to configure the scheduler and poller to pull their configuration from a central site. Or did I miss something? As far as I understood the arbiter pushes the configuration to the other daemons using direct connection and therefore needs direct access to public IPs of the remote scheulder and poller. So my scenario would fail - right?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Remote scheduler and poller configuration update

    No sorry, this is not possible. The arbiter must be able to push configuration, the other way is not possible. i don't see any workaround that have X totally independent shinken installed on your customer isde (so with also x arbiters and X confs)
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