Hi @all,

we are using shinken 2.0.3 in two datacenters with a shared mongDB backend with one thruk web instance.
Our configuration is as follows:

define service {
   host_name     mybox.in.dev
   service_description snmp_process_tomcat
   check_command    check_snmp_proc!java
   servicegroups Tomcat
   use         generic-service
   business_impact 0
   action_url     http://graphite/render/?(...)


define notificationway{
 notificationway_name      sms
 service_notification_period  24x7
 host_notification_period    24x7
 service_notification_options  c  ; so only CRITICAL
 host_notification_options   d  ; and DOWN
 service_notification_commands notify-service-by-sms
 host_notification_commands   notify-host-by-sms
 min_business_impact      3
define notificationway{
 notificationway_name      xmpp_room
 service_notification_period  24x7
 host_notification_period    24x7
 service_notification_options  w,u,c,r,f
 host_notification_options   d,u,r,f,s
 service_notification_commands notify-service-by-xmpp-room
 host_notification_commands   notify-host-by-xmpp-room
 min_business_impact      0

define contact {
  contact_name    ME
  alias        MyName
  email        mail@me.com
  pager        +4911-000000000
  contactgroups    admins
  notificationways  email,sms
Now when mybox.in.dev:check_snmp_proc!java fails ich should notified by xmpp and not notified by sms. But we get all notifications...
Is this configured wrong ?

Thank for your help. Regards Andreas