Hi everyone on board,

I have a very weird problem with check_nwc_health. Here's my setup :
shinken 2.0.3 running on debian wheezy
check_nwc_health 3.0

I started with the switch pack that I duplicated into switch-snmpv3 for obvious reasons ;-)

My commands.cfg file contains the following for interface_usage (notice how everything is hardcoded):
define command {
    command_name   check_switch_interface_usage_snmpv3
    command_line   $PLUGINSDIR$/check_nwc_health --hostname --timeout 600 --protocol 3 --username <my username> --authpassword <my authpassword> --privpassword <my privpassword> --authprotocol sha --privprotocol des --mode interface-usage
I get the following result:
CRITICAL - could not contact snmp agent, got neither sysUptime nor sysDescr, wrong device.

Now for some fun:
  • [li] If I copy/paste the previous command line in my CLI, running as the very user that runs shinken, it WORKS![/li]
    [li] I have also modified the cpu-load, memory-usage and hardware-health commands and they WORK in shinken[/li]

Has anybody an idea of what causes the problem? I also welcome hints to find out what's happening ;-)

Thanks in advance and keep up the good job !