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Thread: check_nwc_health: OK on command line, KO within Shinken

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    check_nwc_health: OK on command line, KO within Shinken

    Hi everyone on board,

    I have a very weird problem with check_nwc_health. Here's my setup :
    shinken 2.0.3 running on debian wheezy
    check_nwc_health 3.0

    I started with the switch pack that I duplicated into switch-snmpv3 for obvious reasons ;-)

    My commands.cfg file contains the following for interface_usage (notice how everything is hardcoded):
    define command {
        command_name   check_switch_interface_usage_snmpv3
        command_line   $PLUGINSDIR$/check_nwc_health --hostname --timeout 600 --protocol 3 --username <my username> --authpassword <my authpassword> --privpassword <my privpassword> --authprotocol sha --privprotocol des --mode interface-usage
    I get the following result:
    CRITICAL - could not contact snmp agent, got neither sysUptime nor sysDescr, wrong device.

    Now for some fun:
    • [li] If I copy/paste the previous command line in my CLI, running as the very user that runs shinken, it WORKS![/li]
      [li] I have also modified the cpu-load, memory-usage and hardware-health commands and they WORK in shinken[/li]

    Has anybody an idea of what causes the problem? I also welcome hints to find out what's happening ;-)

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good job !


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    Re: check_nwc_health: OK on command line, KO within Shinken

    The only reason for this can be env variabless set by your shell and not in the shinken init.d scripts, it's the more obvious reason for such a strange behavior.
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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