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Thread: Integration with Incident &Availability Management tool

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    Integration with Incident &Availability Management tool

    After some search I don't find nothing, so...
    Has anybody deal with make shinken work with an external incident management tool? I mean, not only open incident, it is easy, a lot of tools are ready to read an email and open one incident ticket.

    I need
    1- open one incident automatically from shinken when something is wrong (easy with mail notification)
    2- change the state of an item from "ok" to "down" (already with mail)
    3- read (don't know how) the number of the generated incident ticket and store it into a custom variable
    4- when host /service is ok again, change the incident to "solved" (this can be done sending email with incident number but this incident number is mandatory for me!!), change asset state and erase custom variable to empty.

    So, i'm stuck at 3.. can anybody help me with this task? Made Shinken "know" and store into host/service ustom variable external value to re-use when becomes ok? From external tool I've some ways to send this data= reply to open incident mail, call webservice,...


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    Re: Integration with Incident &Availability Management tool

    Aside writing an event handler script, i don't see how you can manage this. This will be the script role to manage the history and update the good API for the incident tool.

    Or maybe with broker module if you prefer to code in python
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    Re: Integration with Incident &Availability Management tool

    Hi Nap..
    A long time from las converation
    I'm moving on other way....
    .Use a shinken custom variable to store the incident number from incident management application
    .When a new ticket is created (from shinken --> mail) trigger some action into this application.
    .This action would change the custom field and copy incident number.
    .When ticket is solved, do the same but empty the custom field at shinken.

    I'm looking for some way to incident tool contacts shinken... can be done conecting to livestatus?? command "CHANGE_CUSTOM_HOST_VAR" works? I remember from past shinken versions not all nagios commads were implemented, but can be an old story... If this way works, my only trouble is to be coherent with asset names into both systems and write a little shell to connect livestatus.


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