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Thread: sKonf replacement?

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    sKonf replacement?

    Hi, the board name says that sKonf project is deprecated (although it never was released AFAIK). Will Shinken provide anything instead? WebUI module/new project/guideline to use external compatible tool like Nconf/anything?
    I'm trying to figure out if Shinken could handle big, heterogeneous and volatile environment consisted of dozens hosts monitored in unique way.
    Shinken looks great, but simplicity of configuration is vital for me, however I can't find any information how Shinken handles configuration tasks (neither API documentation).

    Could anyone please share experience? Thanks is advance!

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    Re: sKonf replacement?

    Skonf is deprecated until someone take the lead on it and code it (finish it in fact). And currently no one want to take it

    Some are using nconf, others are using puppet and they manage large IT env with this.

    (From my part I use the enterprise configuration tool because its features rocks and also because I'm coding it )
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