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Thread: Mongo Module for arbiters

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    Mongo Module for arbiters


    I've been thinking about the mongodb module for arbiter.

    Can you explain me how it work ?

    Do we have a tool to export/exmport data from/to cfg files into/from the databases ? That would be nice.
    Something like the shinken cli.

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    Re: Mongo Module for arbiters

    It was to import hosts/services from a mongodb database but I never really test it. so maybe it works, maybe not

    There is no way to write on it and I don't plan to add such a feature currently.
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    Re: Mongo Module for arbiters

    I tried the module.
    It works, kind of.

    Several minor issues but nothing serious. I'll push some changes in github soon.
    I also wrote a simple script that uses shinken libs to read the conf from the files, check it and then store it into mongo. At this point, it's more a really ulgy, quick and dirty POC. but it works.

    My conf is only 5 hosts. A conf check from the files takes 0.1s longer than from mongo (Yey!). I guess it would be a bit interesting with a real configuration.

    Moreover, the feature is interesting when it comes to high-availabity.
    If the arbiter master crashes, a slave takes over but what happens if the slave has be restarted ? Can the arbiter-slave read the conf from files ? And even if it can, the admin has to rsync folder between the master and the slave.
    Having the conf only in files makes them a point of failure.

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