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Thread: Use Thruk Business Process

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    Use Thruk Business Process


    I'd like to use the Thruk business proces.
    The editor works fine. But the link "Business View" in the Current Status does not.

    The reason behind that is the "got_business_rule" attribute is not set to True by shinken for Thruk BP.

    We can't set the intenal attribute "got_business_rule" to True for Thruk because it would break a lot of things in shinken.

    I suggest the following :
    * create a new internal attribute in shinken : got_thruk_business_rule. It is set to True when the base command is "check_thruk_bp".
    * Modifying the mapping in livestatus the attribute "got_business_rule". It is True if te internal attribute got_business_rule OR get_thruk_business_rule.

    I've already figured how to do that, and have tested it. It works.
    That way the Business View in thruk displays the list of items.

    TODO, if this is validated :
    * figure how the expand function works in thruk. Currently, my suggestion only displays a list of items, flat, not trees.
    * Test for non-regression. I think you have automated tests for this. We are talking of adding things. It shouldn't break anything. Still, we never know if we don't test.

    What do you say ?

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    Re: Use Thruk Business Process

    Sorry but I don't understand every thing there.

    what are you trying to have, a service check that look for thruk or a thruk display that works?

    for the first, it's the job of a check, I'm not for adding specific tool parameter or commands in the core, but it can be done by a module I think (at least adding the property, for the inner check command it's a bit more hard but not impossible after all).

    If it's a Truk display, where is this got_business_fule property? If I'm not wrong it is a shinken one right, not thruk?
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    Re: Use Thruk Business Process

    Never mind.
    We figured that the "business view" is shinken specific only.

    We deactivate sinken_features in the menu and/or thruk.conf and it did the trick.

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