I'd like to use the Thruk business proces.
The editor works fine. But the link "Business View" in the Current Status does not.

The reason behind that is the "got_business_rule" attribute is not set to True by shinken for Thruk BP.

We can't set the intenal attribute "got_business_rule" to True for Thruk because it would break a lot of things in shinken.

I suggest the following :
* create a new internal attribute in shinken : got_thruk_business_rule. It is set to True when the base command is "check_thruk_bp".
* Modifying the mapping in livestatus the attribute "got_business_rule". It is True if te internal attribute got_business_rule OR get_thruk_business_rule.

I've already figured how to do that, and have tested it. It works.
That way the Business View in thruk displays the list of items.

TODO, if this is validated :
* figure how the expand function works in thruk. Currently, my suggestion only displays a list of items, flat, not trees.
* Test for non-regression. I think you have automated tests for this. We are talking of adding things. It shouldn't break anything. Still, we never know if we don't test.

What do you say ?