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Thread: Arbiter versus Scheduler processes

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    Arbiter versus Scheduler processes

    Is it possible to clear up where the actual correlation and processing occurs.

    Is the scheduler process responsible for doing all the correlation work and eventually calculations? Or is it the Arbiter process?

    The Wiki page at "The distributed retention" that the Arbiter can have a retention module, but the configuration is for the Scheduler daemon. So, what process needs retention, Arbiter or Scheduler.

    Also, the Receiver daemon forwards it's information to the Arbiter daemon, are there limitations on what correlation can apply to passive data?

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    Re: Arbiter versus Scheduler processes


    We can resume things like that :
    * the arbiter "dispatch" things, like configuration or external commands (passive checks are an external commands)
    * scheduler receive configurations or external commands and manage them

    So the "routing" is in the arbiter, when the logic/correlation thing is in the scheduler.

    Retention data are very useful for schedulers, far less for arbiters for example. Schedulers will save host/service states and data (comments, downtimes, etc), when the arbiter will only save the "in queue" external commands (they are send every second, so without retention, you lost only the last second data...).

    The receiver is just an external buffer for external commands, it do not do anything with external commands it is reading, it do not know about schedulers nor host or services, the only thing it know about are external commands in fact
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    Arbiter has some scheduler processes that were on this form of field it has some work that was compulsory to do. I have to maintain some fields on it that was on this has some base parts that was good to have all on it that among all parts.

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