I've installed Shinken with python packages and setup Thruk to interact with, it works but I've some matters with the Config Tool of Thruk.
I can create any objects/item with it but when I go to Apply and try to check or reload the conf, it failed with "Background job failed" message.

When I go to Apply :

Then if I click on any of 3 or 4 steps, i've got this:

When I look at Thruk log in /var/log/thruk/thruk.log, there is :
[2014/06/03 11:54:56][debian][ERROR][Thruk.Utils.External] Can't exec "service": No such file or directory at /etc/thruk/plugins//plugins-enabled/conf/lib/Thruk/Controller/conf.pm line 1332.
[2014/06/03 11:54:56][debian][ERROR][Thruk.Controller.error] Background Job Failed
[2014/06/03 11:54:56][debian][ERROR][Thruk.Controller.error] on page:
Any ideas of it would be ?