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Thread: monitor non-domain hosts

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    monitor non-domain hosts


    I am running shinken 2.0.2.
    I am monitoring multiple windows machines using the windows and mssql modules but i cant seem to be able to monitor hosts that are not in my domain. I have tried every possible combination of credentials in the hosts.cfg file without any success.
    Can i monitor hosts outside of my domain? I do not have my domain credentials in the active directory resources, i specify them in the hosts files.

    thank you

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    Re: monitor non-domain hosts

    If the local account you are using is an admin, should not be a problem. Look at the commands of the windows pack and try to launch them manually with your credentials.
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    Re: monitor non-domain hosts

    yes thank you,

    My issue is with scanning win server 2003. scanning works when i disable the firewall. Once enabled (i have tcp 135 in exceptions) it doent work, so my problem is with windows firewall and not shinken.

    thank you

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