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Thread: [OK] Bad URL redirect

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    [OK] Bad URL redirect

    I'm experiencing some kind of strange bugs with PNP4Nagios.

    I've got two bugs :

    *The first one,
    I've only get only one graph into shinken WebUI which is the one about "check_icmp"
    even if I've had add the "process_perf_data 1" in my template and hosts.

    Extension likes phpGD, modrewrite, NPCDMOD are turned on and configured.

    *The second one,
    The graph can load greatly inside the main shinken WebUI,
    But, when I'll come inside the PNP4Nagios interface,
    all links are broken.

    Inside shinken, url used for graph is : http://IP/pnp4nagios/index.php/graph?...... << the end is filled with HOST and SRV data
    >>>> That's working !
    Inside PNP4Nagios, url used for graph is : http://IP/pnp4nagios/graph?.....
    >>>> That's not working !

    Where could I change this redirect in pnp4nagios to include automaticaly "index.php" ?

    Thank you

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    Re: Bad URL redirect

    I've tested by manual image extracting,
    graphs are correctly generated but it's this bad url redirect which broke the systems.

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    Re: Bad URL redirect

    Topic solved !

    >> PNP4Nagios doesn't support Rewrite mod from Apache2

    # a2dismod rewrite
    and that's all !

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