I have tried both Apache_passwd and Cfg_password as modules for webui, and can't log in. If I defeat the authorisation check in plugins/login/login.py, I can log in.

This is a clean installation from 2.0RC plus

$ shinken install webui

I think the key is the messages in brokerd.log coming from modules manager.py:

Warning : The module type cfg-password for Cfg_password was not found in modules!


Warning : The module type passwd-webui for Apache_passwd was not found in modules!

So obviously the module type is wrong for 2.0. What should it be?

[tt]define module {
module_name Cfg_password
module_type cfg_password

define module {
module_name Apache_passwd
module_type passwd_webui
passwd /etc/shinken/htpasswd

I also can't see where the name is changed from cfg_password in the module definition to cfg-password in the error message. That itself is very confusing as it makes you think you have entered it wrong.