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Thread: Shinken 2.0 - Help with Check_MK

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    Shinken 2.0 - Help with Check_MK

    I'm trying to install Check_MK (or it's the way I want to use)

    Can someone help me to setting it up ?
    >> I've got some files and folders I can't match from nagios to Shinken
    I've put in attachement a printscreen of the config summary of Check_MK.

    It's the default install of Shinken 2
    I've also add as module : Livestatus & named-pipe

    thanks for your help!

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    I had similar issues. But the problems were appearing because of my anti virus updates. After that I just disabled it and tried to install all the packages (used the Shinken Manual 2.4 documentation guide). Now I have Shinken 2.4 WebUI and planning to work on the updates (switched to another anti virus system).

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