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Thread: Perforamce data

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    Perforamce data

    Hello again
    I have a two general tasks for me:
    1. I want to save performane data (services and hosts) to mongodb. It's really with current code of shinken?
    2. How I can get current state of host or service by, may be, API or another method?


    P.S. Recently started to use and I am delighted with the architecture.

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    Re: Perforamce data

    Currently perfdata are not exported to mongodb, but for pnp4nagios or graphite that are better tools for timeseries

    For the current state, give a look at the livestatus API
    No direct support by personal message. Please open a thread so everyone can see the solution

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    I. For save performance data by the assignment help experts

    START | RUN | Type perfmon | OK.
    Expand "Performance Logs and Alerts"
    Right-click "Counter Log" and select "New Log Settings"
    Enter a name for the log and click OK.
    Add counters:

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