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Thread: How to monitor docker containers using Shinken

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    How to monitor docker containers using Shinken


    I am new to Shinken and would like to monitor docker containers using Shinken. Is this possible? I read a lot of material online that provides the option of installing shinken in a docker container. But this was we can monitor only a single container (the one in which shinken is installed). I would like to monitor more multiple hosts and containers. So is it possible to install shinken on a machine and monitor multiple docker containers and hosts. If yes, could you direct me to some documentation that provides information for the same.

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    Shinken is an open source computer system and network monitoring software application compatible with Nagios. Here you can buy custom essay to learn more new techniques which will helpful The author wants to know in his beautiful post how one can monitor Docker containers using Shinken. I suggest you to buy custom essay and get many new ideas to manage their work. They want to monitor as many Docker containers at a time.

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