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Thread: Check_mk BI integration with Shinken

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    Check_mk BI integration with Shinken

    Hi all.

    I am using check_mk Web UI and after several tests I am not able to setup check_mk BI (Business Intelligence) module. It seems that check_mk BI module is completely independent from nagios configuration. It requires check_mk agent to be installed in remote servers to use SNMP checks.

    Anyone has configured this BI module with Shinken checks?

    Shinken: 1.4
    Check_mk: 1.2.2p3

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    I've been trying to use check_mk 1.2.4 with shinken 1.4. Though the BI page is blank. What could be the reason? I asked on mathias-kettner forums, but there's no answer.
    What do I need to focus on to run the BI with livestatus of shinken module? Thanks.

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    How do you feel about using the check_mk web user interface?

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