Hello guys,

I want to install Shinken on a Debian 9, so i follow the tuto but their's a issue and i can't find the way to fix this

the way I've use
I do : apt-get update .ok.

then I install all python library : apt install sudo build-essential snmpd pyro lsb-release python python-pycurl python-pip python-crypto python-paramiko .ok.

then I create the Shinken user : adduser shinken .ok.

and to the end i use pip to install : pip install shinken -->
Collection shinken
Downloading shinken 2.4.3.tar.gz (27.9MB)
Building wheels for collected packages: shinken ... done
stored in directory /root/.cache/pip/wwheels/da/db/62/23e75fbe687a6c....
successfully built shinken
installing collected packages shinken
succesfully installed shinken-2.4.3

So normally it's ok but when i reboot and check the service i meet this error :
#Service shinken status
Unit shinken.service could not be found.

and i can't find any files in the disk, i really need your help guys