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Thread: Way to send data to ws_arbiter.

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    Way to send data to ws_arbiter.

    Hi everybody.
    I'm instresting in shinken web service. I know that curl can be used to send data to shinken with ws_arbiter modul but I would like to use another application like "nxlog" to send data to shinken.
    How can I do that? what is the format of the data that I must use to send something to ws_arbiter?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Way to send data to ws_arbiter.

    Example for curl:

    curl -u userassword -d “time_stamp=$(date +%s)&host_name=host-checked&service_description=service-checked&return_code=0&output=Everything OK” http://shinken-srv:7760/push_check_result

    You can send the data using an HTTP POST to the url: http://shinken-srv:7760/push_check_result

    The data format is as described above: “time_stamp=$(date +%s)&host_name=host-checked&service_description=service-checked&return_code=0&output=Everything OK”

    This is a single line with Nagios/Shinken type output.



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    Re: Way to send data to ws_arbiter.

    Thank you.

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