Funny case ;D

some information:

I install shinken for a client with two datacenter. I use 3 shinken servers. One on a small datacenter, two on the second. I use tree realms, one global and one by datacenter. arbiter and the spare are on each DC outside the global realm with mongodb. All the discover and link dependency are automatic with vmware, Xenserver and nedi (for switch and physical machines). Now i try to configure the impact part.

So two postfix smtp servers in load balancing (cisco ace), one on each DC, if i cconfigure a bp_rule for this, i have a error from arbiter saying than i use more than one realm. if i change the realm of one postfix, the error come from link dependancy, it's say than my postfix wasn't in the same realm than is hypervisor. The only way i found it's to remove the depandency between the postfix and the hypervisor, but it's not fun ;D

It is possible to do that or it's wasn't (by disign like say bilou)


ps: Shinken + nedi + puppet + cloudstack + vmware + xenserver = happy sysadmin :-*